iArtist The Makeup Show Forum July 2019 Washington DC

Check out information on our past event! March 2018 iArtist: The Makeup Show Forum

DAY 1: Elements of Art

Color plays a role in our daily lives both subtly and dramatically. We use color to convey emotions, tell stories and curate occasions and celebrations. Texture enhances the elements of design while supporting and structuring an artist's concept. Humans find joy in exploring the tactile. These are important and inherent elements in any design. Having an understanding and ownership of these aspects is essential to becoming a master in the makeup and beauty business.

DAY 2: Light, Camera... Action

Understanding light and how it impacts your artistic strategy is key for makeup artists and photographers alike. Having a keen understanding of varying lighting environments allows you to design properly and communicate more effectively. Contribution and collaboration are key for those looking to become extraordinary image makers in print, tv and film. Experience the artistic synergy and elevated artistry that comes through mastery of light, command of the camera, and an ability to put your knowledge into action.

DAY 3: Me, Myself and Us

Learning who you are, discovering your own aesthetic, and finding your  voice are crucial to creating a place for yourself in today's competitive beauty industry. Marketing and curating your brands for clients is crucial for finding success. On Day 3 we discuss making your mark in the world within the commerce of business. We will piece together wholeness, wellness, and community involvement to create the biggest impact.

DAY 4 & 5: TMS Makeup Shop

Your iArtist Forum ticket grants you full access to the TMS Makeup Shop (August 3-4). This is your chance to shop exclusive sales on luxury beauty brands and learn EVEN MORE during additional hands-on workshops. Workshop pricing is discounted for I, Artist attendees! Click below for information on brands and schedules.

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