Anastasia V-Sparrow

CEO & Owner, VISEART Paris

Culturally infused within trendsetting Marais district of Paris and the global motion film industry, Viseart’s professional makeup is a flourishing indie brand well known for its distinct quality and high impact pigmentation resulting in reliability and continuity for artists and makeup lovers alike! Viseart is well known by professional makeup artists from Hollywood to New York, and is equally internationally renowned as a preferred makeup for television, major motion film, red carpet, editorial fashion and weddings as the professional brand of choice. Viseart fuses quality ingredients with integrity, tradition, and innovation. The founding partners mutual passion for sustainability, biodiverse wineries, organic foods, innovative art and literature, is reflected within their creative product line. This cross-discipline approach is revolutionary in creating quality health conscious makeup. Their products are made without petroleum, parabens, silicons, butylene glycol or propylene glycol, phthalates, and is gluten free.

The founders of Viseart launched their high performance professional makeup line in order to create makeup formulas that harness the best of natural and organic resources with modern technological science for all skin types. This heritage makeup line was conceived out of a shared passion for healthy products that go back to the roots of beauty, to naturally enhance the skin rather than ageing the skin with harmful chemicals.

Viseart’s private formulation laboratories in Paris, France & Sausalito, California are ensconced between notable fashion, art, film, and industrial design studios. Viseart’s inventive packaging design development is created in-house. The tight collaboration between artistry and chemistry assists in Viseart’s ability to forge together creative pioneering products.